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This is the part of "Paintbox" where, basically, we identify twenty or so interesting tracks that have caught our attention recently. However! This is not actually as much of a case of "money for old rope" as it might appear to be, and the 'tracklisting' usually takes on quite a broad scope. For example, the one in the most recent issue (number 28) featured Supergrass, Rattles, The Tagues, Eggstone, The United States Of America, John Otway, Love, The Kinks, The Barbarians, Snowboy, Super Furry Animals, The James Taylor Quartet, Jethro Tull, Traffic, Los Bravos, Frank Zappa, Corduroy, Mother Earth, Corky And The Juice Pigs, and Mark Knopfler. In the past, we have featured artists as diverse as Black Sabbath and Roger Whittaker (seriously!). It's pointless trying to include a 'typical' In Sound From Way Out listing here, as I would probably end up having to update it every three minutes. Instead, below are couple of contributors and associates who have nominate twenty tracks that they consider to be ever so slightly good. Again, they'll probably have all changed their minds in three minutes time...

Tim Worthington Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd/Seeing Other People - Belle and Sebastian/IPC Subeditors Dictate Our Youth - Clinic/Bitterscene - Velocette/Spring - St Etienne/French Disko - Stereolab/Harley Davidson - Brigitte Bardot/Venus - Television/Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground/Timeless Melody - The La's/At The Chime of a City Clock - Nick Drake/The Amorous Humphrey Plugg - Scott Walker/I'm Not Like Everybody Else - The Kinks/Gideon's Bible - John Cale/The Affiliated - The Dukes of Stratosphear/Girl Overboard - Snowboy/Luminous - Blur/Blown a Wish - My Bloody Valentine/69 Anee Erotique - Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg/Sacrificial Bonfire - XTC/We're Going To Bring It On Home - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band


My White Bicycle - Tomorrow/Shot By Both Sides - Magazine/Lenny - Supergrass/Hard Coming Love - The United States Of America/She Lives In A Time Of Her Own - 13th Floor Elevators/Slow Motion - The Flaming Lips/The Frighteners - Corduroy/Pretty Ballerina - The Left Banke/Sand - Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood/Play Girl - Ladytron/Ghost Rider - Suicide/I'm Aware - Chocolate Watchband/Twisterella - Ride/The Daily Planet - Love/Bullet Comes - The Charlatans/Fanfare - Eric Matthews/Charlotte Anne - Julian Cope/Heartbreaker - The Cardigans/Take It Or Leave It - The Strokes/Path Through The Forest - The Factory/Labiodental Fricative - Vivian Stanshall And The Sean Head Showband

Tracey Blackwood Delicious - Sleeper/Killing Of A Flashboy - Suede/Medication - Spiritualised /Northern Lites - Super Furry Animals/Me Oh Myra - Blouse/Slow Grafitti - Belle and Sebastian/Mile End - Pulp/In Your Car - Kenickie/Whipping Picadilly - Gomez/Cybele's Reverie - Stereolab/Fell In Love With A Girl - The White Stripes/Slain By Elf - Urusei Yatsura/Rip Her To Shreds - Blondie/Patio Song - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci/All Across The Sands - The Stone Roses/It's Not Me - Supergrass/Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky - Manic Street Preachers/Yuko and Hiro - Blur/Function of an Orgasm - White Town/Come to Butthead - Beavis and Butthead

Daniel Adams Zimba - Talking Heads/Love Action (I Believe in Love) - Human League/Suspended In Gaffa - Kate Bush/Bass Tuned to DEAD - Super Furry Animals/Night Owl - Gerry Rafferty/Union: Jack - Big Audio Dynamite/Betty Wrong - Tin Machine/Service - The Fall/Alarm Call - Bjork/Dream Time - The Jam/Your Ghost - Dubstar Lover To Fall - Scritti Politti/Wake Up - XTC/Commuter Love - The Divine Comedy/Suspicion - REM/Silver - Echo And The Bunnymen/Just Like Pooh Bear - Julian Cope/The Rock - Delakota/The Future is Now - The Boo Radleys


Old Dirt Road - John Lennon/Vanishing Point - New Order/Get Duffy - Primal Scream/All I Wanna Do - The Beach Boys/Die Alone - Scritti Politti/Survive - David Bowie/In Another Life - XTC/Coming Up - Paul McCartney/Porcelain - Moby/Teardrop City - The Monkees/The Hurting - Tears For Fears/Messages - OMD/The Old Man's Back Again - Scott Walker/Dacw Hi - Super Furry Animals/Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson/Tokyo Storm Warning - Elvis Costello/Top Of The City - Kate Bush/Let It Go - The Bangles/Limbo - Bryan Ferry/The Sleepwalkers - Level 42

Richard Black Skullcrusher - Dawn Of The Replicants/The Game of Eyes - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci/Cyanide Breathmint - Beck/Married To A Lazy Lover - The Auteurs/Vespucci - BBC Radiophonic Workshop/Cities - Talking Heads/Blenwytirhurtng? - Super Furry Animals/Fiddle Riddle - Frank Black/This Is A Didgeridoo! - Rolf Harris/Dog's Got A Bone - The Beta Band/Ladies Man - Pulp/Nosey Nosey - The Mr Men/Time It's Time - Talk Talk/If They Move, Kill 'Em (My Bloody Valentine Arkestra Mix) - Primal Scream/Marble Lions - St Etienne/Don't it Make You Feel Good? - Stefan Dennis/Tuner - Mogwai/Everything Merges With The Night - Eno/Dream Attack - New Order/Near and Far - Rod, Matt and Jane

Ronnie Bookless Colour My World - Petula Clark/Theme from "A Clockwork Orange" - Walter Carlos/Bryter Layter - Nick Drake/White Horses - Jacky/Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Burt Bacharach/The Planet Plan - UFO/Who (Can I Turn To)? - Dusty Springfield/End of the Line - Honeyz/Miss Luba - Los Troubadours/Horrorshow - The Scars/Sea Of Flames - Flintlock/The Magic Garden - Fifth Dimension/A Very Stylish Girl - Dmitri from Paris/Cleopatra 2000 - Pizzicato 5 /Theme from "Jamie and the Magic Torch"/The Party - Henry Mancini/Evidently Chickentown - John Cooper Clarke/The Right One (Martini Theme) - Chris Gunning/Danger Diabolik (Deep Deep Down) - Ennio Morricone/Planet of the Apes - Jerry Goldsmith

Jill Phythian Return of the Grievous Angel - Gram Parsons/The Giant Of Illinois - The Handsome Family/The Devil Went Down To Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band/Papa Won't Leave You, Henry - Nick Cave/Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell/Journey To The Center Of A Girl - The Cramps/Pancho And Lefty - Emmylou Harris/The Word Broadminded Is Spelt S-I-N - The Louvin Brothers/Thursday - Morphine/If I Had A Boat - Lyle Lovett/Thrasher - Neil Young/Annabelle - Gillian Welch/What Am I Doing Hanging Round? - The Monkees/A Handful Of Dust - Loudon Wainwright III/Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In - Frente/Casino Queen - Wilco/Song of the Flea - John Faulkner And Sandra Kerr/Heartattack And Vine - Tom Waits/The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithfull/Rasputin - Boney M

Dave Rolinson Children Of The Revolution - T-Rex/Redemption Song - Bob Marley/Happy - The Rolling Stones/Fu-Gee-La - The Fugees/Be There - UNKLE featuring Ian Brown/Star - Primal Scream/Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin/Sally Cinnamon - The Stone Roses/Bluetonic - The Bluetones/Loops Of Fury - The Chemical Brothers/Faster - Manic Street Preachers/Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth - The Dandy Warhols/The Man Don't Give A Fuck - Super Furry Animals/Gimmie Some Mo' - Busta Rhymes/Town Called Malice - The Jam/Fade Away - Oasis/Gonna Make You A Star - David Essex/Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who/When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole/Over - The La's

Mark Griffiths Dog-Like Sparky - Cardiacs/Jesus was a Terrorist - Jello Biafra & Nomeansno/Brillo Hunt - The Kelley Deal 6000/Shark - Throwing Muses/Rock with a Policeman - The Goodies/Tomorrow - Morrissey/Sea Snake/Beware - Sea Nymphs/Debaser - Pixies/Girl U Want - Devo/Crazy Farm Animal - Julian Cope/Sexual Harrassment Panda - South Park/Far Gone And Out- Jesus & Mary Chain/I Can't Tell the Difference Between Phil Collins and Genesis - Phil Pope/Etudes Pour Piano - Gyorgy Ligetti/Spin the Bottle - Julianna Hatfield Three

Jules Invicta Another Breakfast With You - Ladytron/Drug Song For Paul - Arab Strap/Idiotheque - Radiohead/Hypnotic Break - Yoshinori Sunahara/Nothing Can Stop Us - Avenue A featuring Holly Golightly/Living In A Room - Kings Of Convenience/Last Good Day Of The Year - Cousteau/Music Is My Radar - Blur/Everydamnthingever - Red Snapper/Plug Me In - Add N To (X)/Go With Yourself - Brave Captain/Who Told You - Reprazent/Positive Education - Slam/Sheenager/Aria 51 - DHK/Make It Happen - Playgroup/What I Miss The Most - The Aloof/One More Time - Daft Punk/Simian EP- Simian/Can I Be Your Ghoulfriend? - Zombina And The Skeletones/Melys EP - Melys (for the tigerskin sleeve alone)

Kevin McCaighy O Superman - Laurie Anderson/Spoiled - Folk Implosion/Give The Gallon - Thee Michelle Gun Elephant/In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country - Boards Of Canada/Country's A Callin' - Luscious Jackson/Titanium Expose - Sonic Youth/Jock Gestapo - Born Against/I Was A Stranger - Smog/Midnight Cruiser - Steely Dan/Search And Destroy - The Stooges/Good Morning Captain - Slint/(I Want You) More Than Ever - The Clientele/Heavy Load - Free/Dawn Rider - Mum And Dad/No Title - Fushitsusha/Puyo - Ex-Girl/The Black One - Keiji Haino/The Magic Bullet Theory - Texas Is The Reason/Esso Dame - Royal Trux/Aguirre 1 - Popol Vuh

Mark Stockton ROYGBIV - Boards Of Canada/Fake Fur - Urusei Yatsura/Summer In The City - The Lovin' Spoonful/Ice Hockey Hair - Super Furry Animals/Through A Long And Sleepless Night - The Divine Comedy/Summer Here Kids - Grandaddy/Neptune City - Death In Vegas/American Trilogy - The Delgados/Real Great Britain - Asian Dub Foundation/Porno - Clinic/I Walk The Earth - King Biscuit/Time Fucker - Eels/Holes - Mercury Rev/Only One Way I Can Go - Clint Boon Experience/Taking Down The Tree - Low/Needles In My Eyes - The Beta Band/The Gash - The Flaming Lips/Babies - Pulp/Deadweight - Beck/All Hype - The Longpigs

Sam Trafford Suicide Is Painless - The M*A*S*H/Come On - The Rolling Stones/Walk On By - Motion/Psychedelic Rock - The Sound Dimension/The Taxi - Young Marble Giants/Disillusion - Badly Drawn Boy/Widdecombes Dildo - Beardless/Ram Jam - Jackie Mittoo/California Sun - The Ramones/Shelly Ann - Red Rat/Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys/Cherry Bomb - The Runaways/Darkest Night On A Wet Looking Road - Keith Hudson/The English Scheme - The Fall/He's The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge/Cow Thief Skank - The Upsetters/After Hours - The Velvet Underground/Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Smiths/Hardly Ever Wrong - The Would-Be's/Dancing Mood - Delroy Wilson

Ruth Worthington Metal Mickey - Suede/So Wat'cha Want - Beastie Boys/Money Money Money - Abba/Fire In My Heart - Super Furry Animals/Fiddling - Black Lace/Cover Of The Rolling Stone - Dr Hook And The Medicine Show/Olga Crack Corn - The Toy Dolls/Xanadu - Olivia Newton John/When Will I Be Famous - Bros/Marooned - The Webb Brothers/Nothing Can Divide Us - Jason Donovan/Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen/On And On - The Longpigs/New York Mining Disaster 1941 - The Bee Gees/Jolene - Dolly Parton/Green Door - Shakin Stevens/Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones/Sha La La La Lee - The Small Faces/Common People - Pulp/Starman - David Bowie

Vince Stadon Watching The Wheels - John Lennon/The Midnight Special - Credence Clearwater Revival/Theme From Harry's Game - Clannad/Interior Lulu - Marillion/Regret - New Order/Play Dead - Bjork/God Only Knows - The Beach Boys/We Have All The Time In The World - Louis Armstrong/Don't Bang The Drum - The Waterboys/Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones/Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel/The End - The Doors/You Get What You Give - The New Radicals/You Really Got Me - The Kinks/Heroin - The Velvet Underground And Nico/In The Mood - The Glen Miller Band/Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve/All Along The Watchtower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience/The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd/I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses

Richard Batchelor Sideshow - Barry Biggs/Rose - The Mighty Sparrow/The Hill Song - Evesham/Moondreams - Buddy Holly/Fell In Love With A Girl- The White Stripes/All The Right Moves - David Hasselhoff/Trees - Pulp/Well Paid Scientist - Dead Kennedys/When I See You - Fats Domino/Delivering The Morning Milk - George Formby/Here Goes - Frank Sinatra/Wow - Kate Bush/History Of Spike - The Rickets/Crash - The Primitives/General Lavine - Debussy/The Fight - The dB's/I Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles/You Never Knew Me - Magazine/Sorry Entertainer - Daniel Johnston/Flesh Trash Heat - The Monochrome Set

And if you'd like to add a list of your own to the above, please send it in!